CyFlyer staff can advice you on the best solutions for your honeymoon, free of charge. Our time will be compensated from bookings via CyFlyer and from customer tips.

Please fill in the Contact Us form below detailing: 

  • Type of travel required (for example, Part Adventure/Part Beach, Exotic, Sightseeing etc.)
  • Estimated dates of departure
  • Trip expected length
  • Budget
  • Flexibility
  • Any information you believe is relevant

CyFlyer can develop a stand-alone, dedicated travel management software for corporations using our own API keys. There will be no monthly fees for use. Dedicated travel agent is not included. 

CyFlyer can act as a travel agent for Cyprus based organisations for no added fees. We book all business travel using our booking engine, therefore corporations can be confident they get the cheapest options. There are no fees per booking and unlimited bookings per month. CyFlyer will issue one detailed invoice per month.

The CyFlyer Corporate Travel Agent scheme charges monthly retainer fees, based on company size: 
0-25 employees: 100 euro per month
25-75 employees: 250 euro per month
75-150 employees: 400 euro per month
150+ employees: Please contact for custom rates.

CyFlyer can act as a travel manager for group bookings from Cyprus or within Cyprus.

  • Bachelor Parties
  • Hens Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Extended family trips
  • Ski Trips